My story began when I started creating my own planners during my research career. The demands of organising experiments, writing papers and just generally juggling life became overwhelming. 

I quickly found that scribbling notes on random bits of paper was just. not. working. 

Enter digital planning!

I found that the antidote to stress was a little daily dose of planning. I started making my own custom planners with simple and logical designs to help me to focus on my goals without distractions. 

After almost a decade as a research scientist I was ready for a change. The lockdowns and mass layoffs from COVID were actually a blessing in disguise. It gave me the time and space to start creating things that I loved.

I knew that I wanted to use the skills I learned from a research career to create logical and beautiful products to help others live with intention, so they can spend more time doing what they love.


Every planner, journal and notebook is created around our three core values;

1. Design - logical layouts and intelligent links make planning easy.

2. Simplicity - minimalist page design and no overcrowding with features makes our planners light and easy to use so you can focus on the important tasks.

3. Beauty - I believe that the best planners are not only functional but also beautiful as these are the ones you want to keep using every single day.


Currently, I'm probably sipping coffee while dreaming up new planners that allow busy people to live with more calm and less stress. 

I get so much motivation and inspiration from the amazing feedback I get from you all. It's such a nice, warm feeling knowing that I've helped someone (even just a little bit). 

I hope that these products help you to achieve your goals and dreams or simply provide you with your own antidote to the daily stresses of life.

Cass x

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